Purport of Mazdaism

Mazdaism[1] or Zoroastrian religion is the religion of Iranian prophet, Santa Zoroaster.[2] Mazdaism is an adjective and it means Ormazd[3] worshipper. Mazda is the unique god and it is opposite of fiend[4]. In Mazdaism, a fiend worshipper is a Satanist person or Da-e-O and opposite of it is Vi-Da-e-O or Antifiend.

Kermanshah in 520 BC

Mazdaism established 1200 B.C. to 1000 B.C. by Santa Zoroaster. Zoroaster revised and edited ancient Aryan religion and gradually found some follower and companion that after his death, celebrated as Zoroastrians. In Mazdaism literature with Pahlavi dialect, Zoroaster religion equals truth worship with Zoroastrian quality. Also, Zoroastrians yclept well religion[5].

Mazdaism elements based on monotheism but in some sources they mentioned as dualism that it’s a big mistake. the raised by bad recognizing of Mazdaism purport, Bondaheshn and Dinkord[6]. Dualism in world creation is not true about Mazdaism.

Holy Zoroastrians book is Avesta; of different parts of Avesta is Gahan that is Zoroaster speeches and poetries. This religion consists of a special kind of monotheism. They believe in Ormazd the great god of world and some natural powers like water, fire, wind, soil and sun. Zoroastrians the in this elements have some qualities of god through themselves. Also, they believe that source of abomination and villainy are in Satan.

[1] Mazda Yasna

[2] Asho Zartosht Span Taman: Asho and span Taman mean Santa and a person who has a holy reflection.

[3] Ahora Mazda

[4] Div Yasna

[5] Well religion: Beh-Din

[6] Bondaheshn and Dinkord are about world creation and available in two Iranian and Indian version.

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